Floor coverings for the house and the apartment

When confronted with the choice of flooring, it should be remembered that in different spaces in terms of their functions, different materials should be used. For example, the same should not be the floor in the room for children and in the corridor – the functions of these spaces are too different.

So, what materials for the flooring does the market offer us today, in what type of premises is it most appropriate to use them? Next, we will talk about both the usual options for all of us, and the rarely used exotic.

Requirements for flooring from different rooms
Considering the flooring for the house, we will talk about those materials that it is advisable to use inside the house, and not in household buildings such as a garage, barn, etc. The object of attention will be living rooms and spaces of an economic nature (bathroom, kitchen, etc.). And we should begin by considering the individual characteristics of the premises.

Entrance hall
The entrance hall is the first room where everyone arrives at the apartment. It is here that settles most of the dirt, dust and sand that can mechanically damage the flooring. So it turns out that the material used in the hallway should be durable, resistant to moisture, do not deliver much effort during cleaning.

Toilet and bathroom , where contact with liquid is never excluded, require resistant to wear flooring with high resistance to water, the cleaning process should not be a hassle.

Here the material on the floor, like a sanitary unit, must be durable and resistant to water. But this is not enough! Both dirt and oil and fat should be removed easily and simply from it.

Balcony or Loggia
Balcony / loggia requires the use of durable flooring that is resistant to extreme temperatures. These characteristics are quite sufficient if the balcony is converted into an additional room and represents a heated part of the space. In the absence of glazing, it is advisable to put on the floor materials that are resistant to the effects of precipitation. Examples: tile, stone.

Apartment living rooms
Most of the time the inhabitants of the house and their guests pass in the living room, hall and dining room. So, the floor covering used on these spaces should be characterized by durability.

The floor material in the bedroom should be as environmentally friendly as possible, do not accumulate a lot of dirt, it is easy to clean.

The nursery makes demands on the floor covering that are characteristic of both the living room and the bedroom at the same time. So, the material under the baby feet should be environmentally friendly, durable, ergonomic and, very importantly, safe in terms of the possibility of injury.

In addition to the characteristics of the flooring used in various premises, there are general requirements: ease of installation and reasonable price. In order to understand in which space of an apartment the material of which plan would be most appropriate, one should first get acquainted with the existing types of flooring, their positive and negative characteristics.
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